NOTE: These rules and regulations of the league are not meant to be all inclusive and the Board reserves the right to amend these rules and regulations, should unpredictable events occur that would require some action from the Board. Our intent is to make it safe for everyone in the league to enjoy the game of hockey. We must all go to work Monday morning in good condition, ready for work.


Players eligible for registration will be 35 years or older as of 01/01/2019. Players that have previously played in the league and are under age 35 will be exempt from this rule. Exceptions to this rule may be requested to the Board and will be decided on a case by case basis. A new player may request to be placed on a particular team, but no guarantees will be made as league parity will be considered.

The league fee this year will be $510 per player and is due by 09/08/2018. Fee includes: ice time, referee fees, scorekeeper fees, jersey rental, and socks. If payment is not received by the due date, your roster spot will be given to someone on the waiting list.
Note that jerseys will remain the property of the league and must be returned at the end of each season. This is to help the jerseys last multiple seasons to reduce the cost for everyone. No modifications (including advertisements) may be made to the jersey without prior approval from the Board.

There will be two payment options provided:

  • Pay in full
  • Two-Pay – $300 due on 09/08/2018 & $230 due on 12/09/2018 – includes $20 addition fee

All players registered to play in this league MUST be registered with USA Hockey before stepping on the ice. If a player is not registered with USA Hockey, the ineligible player rules will come into effect.

There will be no guaranteed refunds after payments are made. The only exception to this rule will be for new players to the league that make a payment and are not selected for a roster spot at the draft. If a player knows they will be unable to play the rest of the season and communicates this to the Board, a refund may be possible if a replacement player is found. There will be no refund to a player that is removed from the league as a result of disciplinary actions as outlined in the playing rules.


The Board of Directors (Board) will consist of three individuals who will be responsible for organizing league registration, policies, playing rules, finances, and administering disciplinary actions when necessary. Ideally, the Board members are current or former players in the league.

Each team will appoint a Team Captain as a representative to communicate issues, concerns, and requests to the Board. Although the Team Captains will have influence on league considerations, the Board will ultimately be responsible for final decisions. Team Captains will also help the Board collect the jerseys at the end of each season.
There will be 8 teams in the league, each consisting of 12 skaters and 1 goalie.
Rate Skate/Draft
Team rosters will mostly remain the same as the previous year and any vacancies created by players not returning will be filled by new players. There will be a “Rate Skate” on 09/09/2018 to allow the Team Captains the opportunity to evaluate the new players coming into the league. Immediately following, the Board and Team Captains will meet to discuss assignment of new players to team rosters. Requests for new players to be placed on specified teams will be considered, but league parity will be considered with each request. The Board will be responsible for all final decisions on player placements at the draft.
Requests for player trades may be submitted to the Board. We understand there is a desire to play with friends and family and every effort will be made to accommodate such requests. Not all request will result in a trade as league parity will be considered with each request.
Substitute Players
At no time, will players from outside the league be permitted to play as a substitute player. All substitute players must be registered with the league before stepping on the ice. Further details provided in the playing rules.

Games will consist of three 20 minute periods with running time, with stop-time in the last 2 minutes of the third period if there is a 2-goal differential or less. There will be a 3 minute warm-up and 1-2 minute break between each period. The ice will be resurfaced at the end of each game – not every two periods like its been done in the past.

Game Times
Games will be played on Sunday nights with the following start time: 5:30pm, 6:50pm, 8:10pm, and 9:30pm. The schedule will be configured so that every team will play approximately the same number of games at each time slot.

Standings and statistics will be kept by the Board and published to the league web-site each week. Standings will be kept on a point system where 2 points are awarded for a win, 0 points are awarded for a loss, and 1 point is awarded for a tie.

The league champion will be determined by a single-elimination playoff. The match-ups for each round of the playoffs will be determined by the regular season standings. The highest seeded team will always play the lowest seeded team for each round. There will be no consolation games this year as they have been poorly attended in years past and has become an unneeded expense to the league.
The following hierarchy will be used to determine the seeding for the playoffs based on the regular season standings:
• Points
• Wins
• Head to Head
• Total Goal Differential
• Fewest Team Penalty Minutes
• Coin Toss

If a playoff game ends in a tie, the game will be decided by the following overtime format:
• 5 minute overtime – 4 on 4
• 5 minute overtime – 3 on 3
• Shootout – three different players from each team will shoot. If still tied after that, it will go to sudden death shootout (no player may shoot twice – unless every player on the team has gone)

No substitute players will be allowed in the playoffs (except goalies provided by the Board). If an ineligible substitute plays in a playoff game, the team will forfeit the game. If there is any question as to if a player is eligible to play, ask the Board before the game. If a team does not have enough players to play a game (at least 4 skaters), the game will be forfeited.


  1. Any player who receives 4 penalties in one game will receive a game misconduct at the time of the fourth infraction (Each penalty counts as one penalty, i.e. a “2-and-10” counts as two penalties). A game misconduct requires that a player be ejected from the present game and not be allowed to play the next scheduled game.
  2. Any player who receives 2 fighting penalties in one season will automatically be ejected from the league for the rest of the season – without a refund. During the off season his record will be reviewed by the Board to determine if this player should be allowed to play in subsequent years.
  3. Upon the first game misconduct the player will be ejected from the present game and will not be allowed to play the next scheduled game. Upon the second game misconduct in the same season the player will be ejected from the present game and not be allowed to play for at least the next 2 scheduled games. Any player who receives 2 game misconducts in a season will be reviewed by the board. The player will not be allowed to play until the board has reviewed the incident and a decision is made on the player’s league eligibility moving forward. A player receiving 3 game misconduct penalties in a season will automatically be removed from the league – without a refund.
  4. The Board reserves the right to override officials’ calls in the event of a witnessed and reported incident. Team Captains may be consulted to help with any type of appeal to an on-ice ruling pertaining to game-misconducts.
  5. Players are strongly encouraged to wear full protective gear, including eye protection, and wear a helmet that is securely fastened.

Intent to hit includes but is not limited to, checking, boarding, charging, elbowing, and hitting another player, or anything the referees or Board members decide is intent of one player to hit another. Dropping of the gloves will also be included in the definition of intent to hit.
In case of an injury, the player who hits the player who was injured will be ejected from the game and will not be able to return to playing hockey in the league until the injured player returns. When the injured player is deemed healthy for play by the Board, the Board will meet and decide the playing eligibility of the player that caused the injury. This player will not play until the Board has made its final decision. If this period of time is greater than one year, the offending player will be re-considered for play the next year (only re-considered, not necessarily allowed to return). This will be at the discretion of the Board.
Even if an injured player does not sit out any games (e.g. a laceration, contusion, strain) the player inflicting the injury will be ejected from the present game and the next game. The Board will make a final determination of the full consequence of the player’s actions.

Abuse of officials will not be tolerated by the Board. Officials will make mistakes, guaranteed – just like we do while playing. Arguing with an official about a call on the ice NEVER results in a call being overturned, so let’s give the officials a break – as we are supposed to be having fun. Our league is getting a bad reputation with the officials in the area and it is getting increasingly difficult to get our games covered.

The Board will be keeping track of all penalties for official abuse. Repeat offenders will be reviewed by the Board and disciplinary action will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Disciplinary actions may include game suspensions and ultimately expulsion from the league (again, without a refund). Our goal is to make our league an enjoyable a place to ref as much as it is to play.


  1. Substitute players are ONLY allowed to play in a game when a team has FEWER than 10 skaters present. The substitute must then be from one of the other SASHL six teams not currently scheduled for a game. This keeps the liability factor to a minimum as the sub player would already be registered, paid, and USA Hockey covered.
  2. At no time, will players from outside the league be permitted to play as a substitute player. All substitute players must be registered with the league before stepping on the ice. If any ineligible substitute plays in a game (even one shift) that team will forfeit that game and no stats will be awarded to any player on that team. If there is a question on whether a player is eligible, ask a member of the Board for clarification before allowing the substitute to play. Asking the opposing team for their approval of the substitute player does not exempt the team from forfeiture of the game or stats.
  3. Substitute goalies will be provided by a member of the Board. Team Captains will coordinate with the Board to arrange for a substitute goalie when it is known that the goalie will miss a game. If a goalie is a no-show without prior notice, then another league goalie may be used. At no time will a team be allowed to bring in their own substitute goalie without prior permission from the Board. If a team does this, they will be subjected to the ineligible player rule described above.

Any rule and regulations not specifically mentioned in this document will default to USA Hockey Rules and regulations.